Study in Russia

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The group of 20 Russian state universities – RACUS, invites you to select from over 500 medical, engineering and technical, economic and humanitarian specialties (the medium of instruction – Russian, English and French) in order to obtain a Bachelor’s, a Master’s degree or a Specialist’s qualification and for postgraduate education.


  • Russian universities are highly prestigious, and deservedly so. Their history extends back to over 100 years and their degrees are recognized all over the world. In addition to the higher education degree, upon graduation the graduate may receive (if required) an additional document - «European Appendix», which guarantees the equivalence of the educational documents in many European and other countries;
  • Russian state university degrees are recognized by WHO, UNESCO and other designated organizations;
  • The highly qualified teaching personnel of the universities (on average 80% of professors hold Ph.D. degrees);
  • Modern educational approaches keeping in line with the highest world standards;
  • RACUS organization assists and guides the international students throughout the whole period of studies in Russia.


Make the first step towards your successful future and seize your opportunity to get a high-quality, prestigious education for an affordable cost TODAY!

Welcome to Russia – a country of great opportunities!